Top 10 Resources for 2021

2020 was quite a year! From the COVID-19 pandemic and fundamental shifts in the ways we work, to significant social upheaval in response to racial injustices, the need for better, more inclusive thinking is greater than it has ever been!

Get ready for 2021 with our Top 10 most popular resources from 2020 – eBooks, white papers, and webinar recordings – with Herrmann's community of inclusive leaders, culture champions, and learning & development catalysts.

1. Going Remote

Whole Brain® Guide For Remote Management & Distributed Productivity (eBook)

The shift to remote work due to COVID-19 was swift and transformative. Tens of thousands of our community members used these actionable tips to guide the transition and help their teams operate at their best.

2. Beyond the Debrief

New Digital Tools on the Herrmann Platform (Webinar)

In the context of remote learning and teamwork, there was enormous interest in Herrmann's new digital tools to enable on-going application via our SaaS platform. Learn how to create ongoing value from your organization's cognitive diversity.

3. Better Conversations about Bias

How to have important discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace (White Paper)

DE&I had a long overdue watershed moment in 2020, laying bare that a critical element of inclusive cultures -- authentic dialogues about bias -- are also one of the most difficult. CEOs and swelling ranks of diversity leaders, like our partners at CEO Action, turned to this guide to help.

4. Leading Productive Remote Teams

Practical strategies to drive collaboration, productivity and engagement in remote teams (Webinar)

Drawing from our history as a 100% remote company and insights from our clients across industries, this webinar with Whole Brain® experts shares tried-and-true advice you can leverage as you continue to refine your company's work-from-home strategy in 2021.

5. Intrinsic Inclusion®

Inclusion in Action: Rebooting your biased brain (Webinar)

An in-depth discussion around race, cognitive diversity, and research on how to rewire the biased brain between Ann Herrmann-Nehdi and leading subject matter experts on bias, Vince Brown and Dr. Janet Reid.

6. Inclusive Leadership Playbook

Your guide to developing team and organizational cultures that support more inclusive leaders (eBook)

Tools for managers to harness cognitive diversity and become more inclusive, including frameworks for "diverse by design" teams and 5 steps for translating inclusive leadership into real business results.

7. Better Remote Meetings Toolkit

Tools to start running meetings that actually work, whether or not they are remote (eBook)

Remote meetings don't have to be miserable! When was the last time you multitasked on a call? Drifted off? Got annoyed? Wished you were anywhere else but in front of yet another Zoom call? Reclaim those lost hours and help your remote teams get more engaged and productive.

8. Developing Agile Leaders

Practical Strategies for Adapting to Uncertainty (Webinar)

How are talent-first companies preparing their leaders to become more agile in the face of uncertainty? Michelle Krummen, Head of Talent for Kroger's 84.51 data science subsidiary, joins for a discussion on how to shift from survive to thrive by stretching your leaders' thinking.

9. How to Adapt

Changing minds to successfully navigate and adapt to change (eBook)

It's time to think about what the "Next Normal" will look like for your team. Learn how to harness cognitive diversity to adapt to uncertainty, develop agile leaders, and create resilient organizations.

10. Building Resilience for Growth

Decode It. Build It. Sustain It. (Webinar)

Uncertainty and stress became parts of our daily lives in 2020, and resilience will be a key theme in 2021. Experts from PwC, Community Action, and Resilience Alliance share insights on how to develop skills to better handle stressful circumstances and strengthen your resilience to perform at your best, both in personal and professional areas.


For powerful tools to improve your team productivity, remote collaboration, or agility in the face of change in 2021, contact us here.

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