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Herrmann for Organizations and Teams


Engage and retain

The gap between what’s shared and what’s understood is mostly caused by cognitive diversity. When we're misunderstood, we feel confusion, frustration, and that reality is falling short of our expectations. The Diversity & Inclusion Suite leverages deep research in cognitive diversity to diagnose gaps and recommend action items.  The result is that your team will feel connected, understood, engaged.  Herrmann is the difference between your team operating like a contestants in talent show and working like a symphony.


Manage change

Did you know that 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to add value for shareholders? Whole Brain® Thinking offers merging teams a shared set of actions, alignment tools, and language to reduce the risk of failure by 60% on average. Whether it’s M&A or another big change, Whole Brain® Thinking gives managers a path to success.


Foster innovation

Your great idea is like a tree falling in the forest; if no one understands the value of it, does it make a sound? Whole Brain® Thinking creates seamless connections across groups with disparate thinking styles, like sales reps and engineers.  A Fortune 100 firm leveraged Whole Brain® Thinking to adopt a process innovation across 55,000 employees and two languages, and they’ve been saving at least $100 Million each year as a result.


Drive productivity

Whole Brain® Thinking grows productivity by helping managers understand and leverage the unique thinking preferences of project teams, functional groups, and pairs. In a six-year blind study with the National Forest Service, Herrmann scientists were able to demonstrate a 66% lift in productivity for Whole Brain® Teams over their non-Whole Brain® counterparts.

Herrmann for Educational Institutions

With Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI®, educators can gain insight into the way every student learns, then use these insights to develop new methods for increasing engagement. Encourage students to stretch beyond their comfort zones and improve learning outcomes with Herrmann.

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