Become a Whole Brain® Champion

Accelerate Your Team’s Journey to Whole Brain® Thinking With Our NEW Whole Brain® Champion Program

With the Champion program, teams are set up for success and prepared for long term effectiveness. Teams will be more prepared than ever to face new challenges, have meaningful interactions, lay out ambitious goals, and surpass them.

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What Is a Whole Brain® Champion?

Every team needs a Champion. A Whole Brain® Champion is a guide, working on the ground with their teams to answer questions about Whole Brain® Thinking, recommending solutions for improved effectiveness. They help implement Whole Brain® Thinking into the flow of work, so teams are ready to power through challenges and succeed.

They also serve as an important complement to Certified Practitioners (CPs), whose extensive training to become experts in delivering Whole Brain® Thinking workshops, assessments, debriefs, and coaching requires several weeks to complete. Being a CP is a robust role, and now they have support in their goal to empower organizations with Whole Brain® Thinking. 

Through a short, self-paced training program, Champions will be able to apply Whole Brain® Thinking to their teams. The Whole Brain® Champion program is designed to quickly equip leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to integrate Whole Brain® Thinking across their organization.

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Why Become a Whole Brain® Champion


Jumpstart Your Path to Success

While Certified Practitioners are taking an expansive dive into their Whole Brain® training, you can start applying our solutions right away with a Champion. CPs dive deep into the world of Whole Brain® Thinking, and Champions get you a headstart on Herrman’s solutions to empower your teams and leaders. 


Build a Strong Foundation

The Champion program ensures that participants understand the fundamentals of Whole Brain® Thinking and how to apply it to their teams. By building a knowledge foundation, Champions become guides for those they work with every day to successfully apply Whole Brain® Thinking. 


Cultivate a Robust Network of Peer Support

Champions act as ongoing partners to their teammates, providing support and promoting new solutions. Whether teams need collaboration solutions or Certified Practitioners require extra help in deploying Whole Brain® Thinking, Champions are ready to assist.


Integrate Whole Brain® Thinking Quickly in the Flow of Work

Your Champions know your teams, goals, and business, so they can integrate Whole Brain® Thinking seamlessly into the everyday. With easy access to Whole Brain® resources, your teams will experience better thinking, collaboration, and results in the short and long term.

What Whole Brain® Champion Training Includes

The Whole Brain® Champion program is designed to quickly equip anyone with the knowledge and ensure they feel confident in acting as a guide for Whole Brain® Thinking. 

The program provides foundational training on the Whole Brain® Thinking methodology and tools that can be applied immediately to enhance teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication. By participating, individuals can gain skills to champion Whole Brain® Thinking within their company and support broader adoption and impact.

The Whole Brain® Champion training consists of seven modules, each designed to enhance your understanding and application of Whole Brain® Thinking. From setting the foundation to exploring thinking preferences, applying Whole Brain® Thinking to teams, and elevating your skills, the program covers all aspects necessary for success. The final assessment tests your knowledge of Whole Brain® Thinking concepts and team application. It may seem overwhelming, but the entire program can be completed in under one day. Efficient training for effective Champions.

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Become a Champion (or recommend someone from your team!)

Become a Whole Brain® Champion today and empower others to become Whole Brain® Thinkers. With Champions leading the way, your teams will thrive in a world of enhanced collaboration and innovative thinking. Sign up now!

Today, the Whole Brain® Champion program is only available to existing customers. If you’re new to the world of Whole Brain Thinking, you can still fill out the form and we’ll reach out when the Champion program is available to everyone!