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4-Day Work Week

In 2022, Herrmann conducted a pilot program for a 4-day, 32-hour workweek with our remote, global team. In our recent webinar, we shared our findings and compared them to current trends in the 4-day workweek movement. A conversation was scheduled with Amanda Sperling, Herrmann's VP of People & Culture, and Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, a leading researcher on rest, to discuss the experiment's key takeaways and the future of the 4-day workweek worldwide. 

  • The session shared how Herrmann had launched a 4-day, 32-hour workweek and what we had learned from the experiment.
  • The participants explored the most current thinking on the 4-day workweek and discussed where the movement was heading.
  • Experts were invited to talk about work and wellness concerns related to reduced hours and company culture, aiming to determine if the 4-day workweek was a good fit for their organization.
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