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What Our Clients Are Saying

Herrmann is more applicable in the workplace because it’s about the way you think and solve problems. It facilitates productive work discussions.
Crystal Fernando
Head of Delivery Excellence
Unlike some other tools, Herrmann can be applied to any situation - a project, project teams, a problem or issue - and it gives you a neutral baseline and common ground to start with. It’s such an easy process for people to take on board and connect with.
David Barker
Strategic HR Business Partner
Increased individual responsibility and new leadership competencies are a necessity in our current business environment, and we need to be able to rely on a globally integrated team to get the best business results.  Our BBNL program makes management a competitive advantage for IBM - and it's powered by Herrmann.
Rich DeSerio
Manager, Global Design Team

Real World Results From Our Clients

Increase in productivity, attributable to management
Saved per year with innovative efficiencies
More successful Mergers and Acquisitions
More engaged employees with increased role tenure
Applications Suites for Management
Seed the Future
More Effective Management, More Effective Teams
  • Improve Collaboration and Reduce Conflict
  • Reach Goals Faster, With Less Effort
  • Optimize Internal Workflows to Leverage Team Characteristics

Ineffective managers are never as obvious as you might hope. They are not “horrible bosses” or rude people, many ineffective managers try in earnest to lead their teams to greatness. The challenge is that most managers become managers - in the first place - by demonstrating functional proficiency. Most companies then assume that good producers make good managers while the reality is that management is a skill in its own right.

Herrmann’s Effective Manager Suite is designed for new and seasoned management professionals to become their best and build their best teams.

Featured Case Study
US Forest Service
When your job is wilderness safety and fighting wildfires, team effectiveness can be the difference between life and death. To that end, the US Forest Service practices team effectiveness as often as they can. When they reached what seemed like an impasse with performance they turned to Herrmann and the Effective Manager Suite. The Forest Service was able to demonstrate a 3X improvement in solving complex challenges for time, in practice environments. Moving their results to the field showed a sustained 65% improvement in emergency responses and outcomes. The US Forest Service saved more lives, more often as a direct result of working with Herrmann.
Branch Out
Increased Agility and Adaptability with Innovation
  • Capitalize on Process Innovation, Internally
  • Capture New Market Opportunity, Externally
  • Develop Capabilities to Distribute Innovations Across Organizational Boundaries

Large firms are not built to innovate. In fact, they are optimized against innovation and towards optimization of the processes that established their success in the first place. For firms focused on optimization, it is both a strength and a weakness to be constantly finding ways to produce a little bit more for a little bit less. However, markets shift and disruptors arise. In case of either, innovation is the only safeguard against a simply unpredictable future.

Herrmann’s Innovation Suite provides management professionals the applications they need to create autonomy for early stage innovation, test and refine production stage innovation, and empower management to encourage innovation within their teams.

Featured Case Study
Microsoft’s Xbox product line arguably redefined the gaming experience for tens of millions of users worldwide and solidified the company’s place in the console gaming market. However, as competitors began to probe the market’s edges for expansion into novice gamer territory, Microsoft knew it had to innovate. Enter Microsoft Kinect - a console gaming experience with zero learning curve, suitable for anyone and everyone. To design, test, and launch Kinnect the team at Microsoft Open Studios relied on Herrmann’s Innovation Suite. The resulting product would go on to outsell the iPad as the fastest selling consumer electronics item and, ultimately, ignite the spark of innovation that would break Microsoft’s 13 year share price stagnation.
Grow Sustainably
Successful M&A with Successful Firm Integration
  • Optimize mergers and acquisitions
  • Consolidate departments
  • Work smarter with agencies
  • Enhance partner and vendor relationships

Who doesn’t want scalable, short term growth?! The potential rewards of M&A are some of the many reasons why these corporate actions have remained so popular. In fact, the upside is so blindingly enticing that firms willfully ignore long verified trends showing that roughly 80% of M&A actions fail to add shareholder value within 2 years. Maybe you've got time to burn.

For everyone else, Herrmann’s Merger and Acquisition Suite provides management professionals the applications they need to address integration, turnover, and communication within their teams.

Featured Case Study
In one of the most publicly contested corporate actions, Kraft acquired the 186 year old British candy maker Cadbury in 2010 for $19 Billion. Before the final deal was announced The Mail - a popular British magazine - took an ad in its own pages against the acquisition. Others protested in the streets. 70% of Cadbury management quit in protest. From the outset, this acquisition seemed doomed to fail but Kraft called on Herrmann’s Merger and Acquisition Suite to diffuse the tension between firms and help make the merger a profitable action for all involved. In 18 Months, Kraft stock was up 40%, the acquisition was profitable, and the Cadbury team was so deeply and successfully integrated with their Kraft counterparts that a new brand (named by the employees) would be formed to replicate the Cadbury success.
Build a forest of stronger Trees
Diversity & Inclusion to drive Engagement and Retention
  • Diagnose Productivity Shortfalls as Diversity Gaps
  • Prescribe Team Structures and Project Teams for Maximum Delivery as a Function of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Improve Employee Engagement and Reduce Turnover

Trying to deliver breakthrough business results with a homogenous team is like rowing a boat with a single oar. In extensive studies and practice, we’ve proven this. Yet, the perception of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives as difficult to measure and lacking demonstrable business value persists. As such, D&I goes half-hearted and under funded, souring a firm's taste for relying on people of all backgrounds to help build the future.

Herrmann’s D&I Suite provides management professionals the applications they need to make the business case for diversity and deliver more value as a direct function of diverse teams, while deepening engagement for individual employees and extending tenure in a given role.

Featured Case Study
Harrah’s (Caesars Entertainment Corporation)
Harrah’s in Las Vegas, Nevada came to Herrmann affirming their desire, as CEO Gary Loveman put it: to be “a place where people feel as if they have made themselves better through their very associate with the company.” Using the Diversity and Inclusion Suite, the firm was able to increase employee engagement and drive increases in productivity for diverse teams above homogenous teams enough to sustain a positive ROI for the life of the program.

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