Certified Practitioners in Practice Workshop Series

Build your Whole Brain® Catalyst skills by learning more about Herrmann assessments, application tools, and facilitation best practices.


General Overview

Register in advance for one or all of these 60-90 minute virtual sessions offered monthly for any Certified Practitioner.

All workshops are led by a Herrmann expert or outstanding practicing Certified Practitioner.

New workshops will be added regularly, so check back often and monitor the Whole Brain® Thinking and HBDI® for Certified Practitioners LinkedIn Group.


You may join through audio or chat. "Camera on" is preferred but not required. Every workshop includes interactive participation and group discussion throughout, plus a final Q&A and wrap up.


One of the best benefits of the workshop series is the ability to meet and connect with other Herrmann Certified Practitioners and contribute to the practitioner community.


Upcoming Dates & Topics


Team Effectiveness Solution (TES): Stickiness in a Whole Brain® Way

Positioning cognitive diversity for and within your organizations using Whole Brain® Thinking tools. With the Team Effectiveness Solution you’ll be prepared to empower teams to achieve more.

  • Tools for improving collaboration
  • Diagnostics for tracking team productivity
  • Collaboration rituals to improve team dynamics 

June 4, 2024  11am- 12pm ET


Adapting & Change for Innovation

Unlock the transformative world of adapting and change in a Whole Brain® way by understanding the link between adaptability and change. 

  • Explore the strategic role of adapting to change in fostering innovation.
  • Gain insights on how organizations and peers can navigate through change effectively, spark creativity, and drive success.

July 10, 2024  11am- 12pm ET


Team Effectiveness Dashboard Overview

A deep dive into our diagnostic tool designed to align teams, build trust, and foster awareness of how team dynamics impact performance.

  • Potential applications as a pulse check.
  • How to analyze results and supporting materials in combination with a Team Profile.
  • Best practices around delivery

August 8, 2024  11am- 12pm ET

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