3 New Tools for Running a Remote Team

Remote businesses and teams have long faced the challenge of communicating effectively.

With social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, many more organizations have implemented a work from home policy. And this may be a trend that is not short lived; 17 major companies such as Google, Mastercard, Salesforce, Facebook, and Amazon have declared they will work remote long term.

Embracing diversity and creating an inclusive culture is about making people from different backgrounds, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and cultures feel accepted and included.

Whole Brain® Thinking can be used to diagnose these challenges in remote collaboration and provide easy solutions. Below is a Whole Brain® Thinking Walkaround that lists a few of the more common frustrations attributed to the remote environment, along with a solution. How many of these have you experienced recently?

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An Easy Solution for Leaders and Managers

The Herrmann platform now offers an interactive tool within the thinker portal to help leaders and managers successfully lead their teams through the challenges of remote collaboration. The new Remote Collaboration Team Activities Tool is a job aid designed to be used in conjunction with our recently launched Share feature. Using the Quick Start Guide and video, leaders and managers are guided through step-by-step team activities designed to enhance remote collaboration via activities focused on communication, frustrations, and building trust.

FrustrationsOne of the most common themes of remote collaboration is increased frustration. By understanding what frustrates the team and how thinking preferences influence frustrations, a heightened awareness of cognitive diversity helps reduce future frustrations. Even better, this activity is designed to be used on a regular basis, as new challenges arise.

Learn more about Herrmann’s Remote Collaboration tools.
Note: Use of this tool requires that your company has our sharing feature turned on. You may need to work with your Herrmann contact to set this up.


As the remote workplace seems to be here to stay, so may its challenges and struggles. Our hope is that by using the tools on the Herrmann platform, such as the Remote Teams Frustrations Activity, and continuing to share these experiences through blog posts and social media, we can help to alleviate the pain points felt by leaders and managers and their remote teams.


 Learn more about Herrmann’s Remote Collaboration tools.


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