Inclusion in Action
Webinar Recording

Missed our webinar or want to watch it again? Check out the recording below!

You'll get to see an in-depth discussion around race, cognitive diversity, and research on how to rewire the biased brain between subject matter experts, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, Chairwoman of Herrmann; Dr. Janet B. Reid, CEO of BRBS World, LLC; and Vincent Randolph Brown, President & CEO of V. Randolph Brown Consulting. 

Herrmann's Core Idea

Everybody thinks differently. The biases you carry around with you have profound effects on the way you work, communicate, and collaborate.

In order to grow, we have to choose to see our biases for what they are, and open ourselves to the reality that our preferences aren’t the only way.

That’s the essence of Whole Brain® Thinking - giving you the perspective and the power to choose.