Award-Winning Outcomes in 2024

Achieving Success with a Whole Brain® Thinking Approach to Planning and Innovation


Industry leaders Karim Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann, and Mike Lee, President of AND Digital, discuss the intersection of technology, Whole Brain® Thinking, and award-winning outcomes. This webinar explores innovative approaches to planning for 2024, leveraging the HBDI® methodology, and how AND Digital empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to unlock the full potential of technology.

The discussion also explores the remarkable collaboration between AND Digital and Herrmann, where Whole Brain® Thinking played a pivotal role in building an agile partnership, helping contribute to AND Digital’s mission of closing the world’s digital skills gap. Discover how these two innovative organizations, each with a unique vision, joined forces to empower individuals to foster cognitive diversity. 

 You’ll learn how to: 

  • Actionable Strategies for 2024: how to identify potential blind spots and derailers in your 2024 strategic plans, use Whole Brain Thinking to create more actionable strategies. 
  • Standing Up Effective Teams: Helping teams kick off the year with a foundation of trust and knowledge of one another's strengths. 
  • Making Sure You Have the Right Capabilities and Resources to Deliver on Innovative Strategies: Gain a better understanding of AND Digital’s mission to close the global digital skills gap and how they empower individuals with the knowledge needed to unlock the full potential of technology. Explore the role of Whole Brain® Thinking in enhancing skills development and achieving a broader impact in the digital landscape
  • Building Strong Growth Partnerships: Examine how both AND Digital and Herrmann encourage a spirit of partnership and empowerment using the Whole Brain® Thinking methodology to guide their collaborative approach