The Power of Productive Meetings

Unlocking Success Through Purposeful Collaboration


As someone with experience in your profession, you have probably attended many meetings. Unfortunately, you may have found these meetings unproductive and time-consuming. Research shows that the average worker spends around 31 hours monthly in meetings, which is almost a full workweek's worth of time!

The "The Power of Productive Meetings: Unlocking Success Through Purposeful Collaboration" webinar equips you with practical tools and knowledge to streamline meeting processes, maximize participation, and achieve tangible outcomes. By implementing the concepts presented in this webinar, organizations can optimize their meetings, save time and resources, and foster a culture of productivity and collaboration.

During the webinar, participants were introduced to practical strategies and best practices to transform their meetings into purposeful and efficient gatherings. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Set clear objectives, define a meeting agenda, and identify key participants to ensure a focused and purpose-driven discussion
  • Foster active participation and engagement among attendees, including encouraging open communication, managing time effectively, and handling potential conflicts
  • Conduct successful virtual meetings, leverage technology, and address common challenges related to remote communication 
  • Make well-informed decisions during meetings and assign actionable tasks to attendees, with clear responsibilities and deadlines
  • Create accountability by emphasizing the importance of post-meeting follow-up, tracking progress on action items, and holding participants accountable for their commitments