Adapting to Uncertainty |  Strategies for Developing Agile Leaders

Shifting Your Strategy From Survive to Thrive

Most of us have already come to grips with the fact that things are now different. Very different. And with many of our immediate needs having been addressed, such as organization-wide transitions to remote work, we are now able to begin to look beyond to what's next and how we can set a foundation for future success. As a leader, how can you model for the rest of the team the kind of behaviors and mentality that are necessary to truly thrive in the aftermath of transformational crisis?

This webinar focusees on what leadership can do to try to assume that mindset of looking ahead and supporting the rest of the team to make that eventual leap. Watch this conversation between our own Chairwoman Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, VP of Talent and People Kimberly Sullivan, and 84.51's Head of Talent Michelle Krummen as they lead a discussion about leveraging thinking agility to adapt to change and uncertainty. Watch now!


Ann Herrmann-Nehdi is the Chief Thought Leader and Chair of Herrmann, the originators of Whole Brain® Thinking and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®). Author, researcher and keynoter, Ann’s work is specialized on practical application of neuroscience and cognitive diversity to human and organization development and improvement, continuing the firm’s 35+ years of research with a database of over 2 million thinkers.



Kimberly Sullivan  is the VP of People and Talent at Herrmann, aiming to create the best place to work for all our people and future talent. She is specifically interested in growing talent, teams, and culture in remote environments, which she has focused on in recent years. Herrmann is a 100% distributed team across the USA, UK and EMEA, and Kimberly is located in beautiful Cleveland, OH.



As Head of Talent, Michelle Krummen is helping 84.51° define and align integrated talent management and L&D strategy with the company’s mission and strategic objectives. She has also enjoyed being a lifelong learner. In addition to being certified in Whole Brain® Thinking, she has certifications in change management, 360 assessments, negotiations, internal consulting, group dynamics and facilitation.