Herrmann Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays: A Time of Sharing in a Whole Brain® Way

The upcoming holidays are all about sharing kindness and good tidings to others. ‘Tis the season for giving. Giving one's time, giving one's resources, and giving understanding to others, whether it be to your family, your friends, or your co-workers. 

When we talk about how Whole Brain® Thinking shows up in all facets of our lives, the holidays are no exception. Applying Whole Brain® Thinking to the holidays can help inspire ideas on how to connect with others to better understand their needs for more personalized gift-giving. This can lead to better bonding at your family gatherings and rebuilding relationships from afar. Whole Brain® Thinking can help you plan for a stress-free holiday season of caring.

Herrmann invites you to use the guide below to ensure a Whole Brain® holiday. From creating a holiday budget to planning for group gatherings, it'll be a lot more fun and festive when you use your Whole Brain®.

Whole Brain holiday guide

Sharing the Perfect Gift

Gift giving doesn't have to be stressful, when thinking in a Whole Brain way. Whether looking up a colleague's shared profile to give them the perfect gift or guesstimating your loved one's thinking preferences and from there choosing a best gift, you can get high marks for that great gift, which will be appreciated and show you really know them.

Hop on the HBDI® App (use the "Guesstimate" feature) and the Herrmann platform for some tools and clue-spotting exercises to help you guess someone else’s Whole Brain® Thinking preferences based on key prompts about their statements, body language, speech patterns, and workspace - then see their estimated HBDI® profile and get insights for effective interaction.

Annual Whole Brain Holiday Gift Guide edit-02

Holiday Project Planning in a Whole Brain® Way

You can also reduce the stress of the holidays when you plan your projects in a Whole Brain® way. Let the holidays be fun by answering some key questions: 

  • What is the holiday project I want to plan?
  • How will I/we get it all done?
  • Who will be involved and/or can help?
  • Why would I want to do this project?

Holiday Project Walkaround

Enjoy your holidays! We, at Herrmann, look forward to helping you to think in a Whole Brain® way in more ways in the year ahead and beyond.

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