Supporting our Whole Brain community in response to coronavirus COVID-19

Supporting our global Whole Brain® community in responding to COVID-19

Dear Trusted Whole Brain® Thinking Partners:

Like so many other organizations, Herrmann has spent the last few weeks learning about COVID-19 and thinking about how it will impact individuals, families, teams, and companies across the globe. For us, understanding that impact means working closely with partners like you and providing you with resources and support to help manage the disruption.

The health and safety of our global employees, clients and partners are our first priority. As such we are limiting all employee travel and in-person events, including Certification workshops, through the end of April, which we will adjust as needed depending on the latest recommendations. If you or a team member have an interest in participating in a remote-only online version of our Certification, please submit your interest here.

Although we do not currently believe there is a significant risk of transmission by post, we are nevertheless working with our fulfillment partners to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of printed HBDI® profiles and other posted materials. In the meantime, we are strongly encouraging all of our clients to shift to using our digital platform for the remote delivery of the HBDI® and Whole Brain® Thinking in their organizations. The HBDI® Digital and self-directed learning journey can help you make the most of more limited time with Thinkers and/or a shift to remote delivery inside your organizations. Our team is available to help coach you through this transition and what it might mean for your organization; click here to set up a time.

More broadly, during these stressful times we are guided more than ever by our mission of Better Thinking for a Better World. Over nearly four decades in business, we have seen that organizational resilience and successful crisis response require a holistic approach that harnesses cognitive diversity to maintain an objective view of the facts, understand impacts across stakeholder groups, think creatively about potential solutions, and then take decisive action to ensure continuity and mitigate risks.

To that end, we are providing the following resources to help you respond to the challenges created by COVID-19:

  • Resources for working remotely: E-book and webinars on managing the transition to remote work, designed to provide Whole Brain® Thinking support to those companies that are facing an immediate shift to remote and virtual work. Access the free e-book here, and click here to get more information about the webinar series.
  • Resources on building resilience and crisis management: Facilitation guides and webinars to help you deliver expedited, crisis-response virtual team workshops, examine how your thinking shifts under pressure, create a Whole Brain® crisis response, and build your organization’s resilience. Click here to get more information about the webinar series.
  • Resources for virtual delivery: Webinars for understanding how to deliver the HBDI® and Whole Brain Thinking to remote individuals and teams using the HBDI® Digital Results and Thinker journey.

These are difficult times, but we are more driven than ever to be of service to you and your organization in helping you harness the strength of your cognitive diversity. Your dedicated Herrmann team members will be reaching out in the coming days, and we sincerely hope you’ll let us know how we can help. In the meantime, please be safe and stay well.


Herrmann CEO Karim Morgan Nehdi


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