Herrmann Introduces New Team Effectiveness Solution

Comprehensive Suite of Diagnostics, Digital Tools, and Collaboration Rituals Integrates Whole Brain® Thinking Into the Flow of Work

Washington, D.C., May 6, 2024 — Herrmann, a leading innovator in enterprise assessment, employee engagement, and team intelligence solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of its new Team Effectiveness Solution, providing leaders with an integrated way to accelerate growth and promote team agility through Whole Brain® Thinking.

"Dysfunctional teams are rooted in a lack of self-awareness and a misunderstanding of how people think, which results in behaviors that are destructive to teamwork," said Karim Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann International. "Our Team Effectiveness Solution addresses these challenges head-on by helping teams understand and harness their different ways of thinking to work more productively and inclusively."

The Team Effectiveness Solution consists of six integrated phases, and it is designed to be iterative, so leaders and teams can choose the training, tools and resources they need based on their contextual challenges.

The journey begins with the highly acclaimed HBDI® assessment, which creates a common language and understanding around everyone in the team’s thinking preferences. Armed with this baseline awareness of themselves, members of the team can work together to identify their biggest challenges and map out a journey to overcome them using a comprehensive suite of diagnostics, digital tools, and collaboration rituals designed to improve team dynamics and performance. 

Learn more about Herrmann International's Team Effectiveness Solution and other toolkits for improving team dynamics and performance.

About Herrmann 

Herrmann has been helping people at the world’s best-performing organizations bring their Whole Brain to work for more than 40 years with a robust suite of solutions to their most critical management challenges. The Whole Brain® Thinking framework is a powerful, science-backed operating system for building team intelligence, eliminating strategic blindspots, and harnessing cognitive diversity in the flow of work.

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