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Maximize Talent by Harnessing Cognitive Diversity With Miranda Troy

Everybody thinks differently, but few organizations can leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage. The ways individuals think guide how they work. The ways in which groups of individuals think, guide how the teams they form work. The ways that groups of teams think (and work) make or break the companies that they work for.  

One of our Certified Practitioners, Miranda Troy, an executive coach and co-owner of Adaptive-Talent Leadership Services discusses how to maximize your talent by harnessing cognitive diversity with the Whole Brain® thinking model. 

The success of a business depends on its management team's ability to communicate, innovate, and be productive both within and across different functions. Herrmann believes that understanding thinking is the key to success at a business level. The Whole Brain® Model is a time-tested science framework that can help decode and harness the cognitive diversity of individuals, teams, and organizations.

The Whole Brain® Model At a Glance

Within the Whole Brain® Model, there are four distinct ways of thinking. All of us prefer to use these different types of thinking differently. Some people strongly prefer logical and analytical thinking; we call these people blue-quadrant thinkers. Other people prefer structured, sequential, and planned thinking in the green quadrant. Some people are naturally empathetic and kinesthetic; we call these people red-quadrant thinkers. And some people like to think holistically, experimenting with ideas and pulling together various concepts; this type of thinking is called yellow-quadrant thinking.


Looking for an executive coach who can help you fine-tune your leadership skills? Look no further than Miranda Troy. As an executive coach and co-owner of Adaptive-Talent Leadership Services, Miranda Troy is a certified practitioner who helps leaders at companies achieve their full potential. She is a skilled facilitator and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by those in the corporate space. Miranda is passionate about helping her clients create more inclusive and diverse workplaces. She is also passionate about helping her clients build effective and successful teams.


Miranda is a certified practitioner of HBDI® Assessment who helps individuals and teams adapt to the fast-paced world through executive and performance coaching, facilitated sessions, and mindfulness meditation. She has an educational foundation in Psychology and twenty years of experience in Human Resources.

As a human resources executive, Miranda is known for her ability to integrate people strategies with business strategies, build leadership and management capabilities, drive effective talent development and performance development, and ensure optimal organizational alignment. Some of Miranda's key impact areas include leadership coaching, talent planning, organizational design and development, and culture re-setting. 

To learn more you can email Miranda Troy or connect with her on LinkedIn.  


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