Whole Brain® Thinking Is Now Available On Microsoft Teams

Harnessing cognitive diversity in the flow of work


Whole Brain® Thinking in Microsoft Teams

Stop & Think is a brand new way for you to experience individual and team HBDI® profiles in the Microsoft Team app during the flow of work.

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What is the purpose of the application?
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Stop & Think is a new Whole Brain® Thinking application that provides individuals and teams with HBDI® profiles in the Microsoft Teams app. The new Stop & Think application includes individual and team-based guidance on communication, decision-making, and problem-solving customized to the individual's and/or team's profile.

How can I gain access to the application?

To gain access to the Stop & Think - Microsoft Teams application, your Microsoft Teams administrator will need to coordinate with your Herrmann Success Manager so that we may provide them with further documentation for successful application installation. Once the Stop & Think application is successfully installed within Microsoft Teams app store you and your team will be able to add the Stop & Think app to any channel or chat of your preference.

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Who is the application intended for? 

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Stop & Think is a perfect application for organizations:

  • Supporting managers and leaders in developing dynamic, high-functioning teams that are already using Microsoft Teams
  • Organizations that are already using the HBDI® and have the sharing and teams feature enabled on the Herrmann platform
  • Interested in developing deeper understanding of cognitive diversity
  • Seeking effective and efficient solutions to specific team-based challenges
Why is the application beneficial?

Communication plays a key role in the success of how a team performs and operates. For a team to be successful, they must understand each other's thinking preferences as well as their own.

Being mindful of where a team's strengths and weaknesses are will help shift the team's focus and figure out how to strike a balance that is best for the group.

  • Exploring the implications of the individual profile and the team’ profiles as you work together to achieve your objectives
  • Understanding how individual thinking preferences impact team dynamics and performance
  • Applying the Whole Brain® Thinking Model using Herrmann’s digital suite of tools to real team challenges around communication, collaboration, problem solving, and decision making

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