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Decode the way your team thinks, improve how they work together, and amplify what they accomplish. Herrmann is a powerful team insights platform that is integrated into your flow of work for maximum learning & application.

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Herrmann's Core Idea:
Whole Brain® Thinking

Everybody thinks differently, but few organizations are able to leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage.

The ways individuals think guide how they work.  The ways groups of individuals think guide how the teams they form work. The ways that groups of teams think and work will make or break the success of the organization.

To put it plainly, the success of an initiative depends on the ability of its management teams to drive communication, innovation, and productivity within and across functions.  In 40 years of working with Fortune 100 clients, we've found that understanding and applying a diversity of thought is the key to strategic success. 

The Whole Brain® Model (below) is our time tested framework to decode and harness the cognitive diversity of individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Better thinking: The building blocks of success

Every organization already has cognitive diversity. Our software and expertise helps your team decode and harness it to add speed and effectiveness at scale.



Individual Awareness

Individual Thinkers are the first step of value creation with Herrmann, using our Whole Brain® digital assessment and learning apps to decode their own thinking. In turn, they understand how cognitive diversity and their own biases impact their happiness and productivity at work.



Interpersonal Collaboration

Productive collaboration requires effective communication, decision-making and problem-solving. Our platform helps people understand what makes their relationships "tick," whether among direct reports, clients, or leaders in succession. Wherever two individuals need to deliver more than either can alone, our digital tools help them stretch to meet the needs of their collaborators and the situation


Team Effectiveness

As they say, "team work makes the dream work." Teams are at the core of any organization's productivity. Our platform provide powerful insights and application tools directly to teams and their managers to decode cognitive diversity, measure effectiveness and identify obstacles. 


Organizational Agility

An organization is only as good as its individuals and teams, but can also be more than the sum of its parts. Deploying Herrmann across the organization means you'll build in-house capabilities to get the ongoing, exponential benefits of everyone speaking the common language of Whole Brain Thinking® to adapt to change and achieve better outcomes at scale.

What Customers Are Saying about Whole Brain® Thinking:

I have been using Whole Brain® Thinking for my entire career, across many lines of business in different corporations, with leaders from many parts of the world. I have found it be to immediately enlightening and interesting for serious business people. For most, Whole Brain® Thinking applies quickly to business situations to diagnose [challenges] and plan for improvement.

Katie Sterrett
Sr. Director, Leadership Development

Herrmann’s approach to idea generation works because it takes us out of ourselves and our comfort zones and away from how we normally see our brands. And among [the] wacky ideas, some genuine nuggets and a few real gems have appeared for us.

Michael McShane
GM Asia-Pacific

Increased individual responsibility and new leadership competencies are a necessity in our current business environment, and we need to be able to rely on a globally integrated team to get the best business results.  Our BBNL program makes management a competitive advantage for IBM - and it's powered by Herrmann.

Rich DeSerio
Manager, Global Design Team

The world’s largest organizations trust Herrmann. Will you?

Over 3 million people, including from 97% of Fortune 100 companies, have used Whole Brain® Thinking to improve productivity, innovation, collaboration, and inclusion.

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