Whole Brain® WalkAround: Cognitively Diverse Project Management

The Whole Brain® WalkAround is a diagnostic tool for understanding, prompting, diagnosing, charting, or planning different approaches based on the four quadrants of the Whole Brain Thinking Model.  Using it will ensure you engage all the thinking needed providing you with a cognitively diverse approach and ensuring better outcomes and increased innovation.

Each quadrant of the Whole Brain® Thinking Model represents a different perspective on any problem, decision, or challenge you are exploring. Our thinking preferences (or the situation itself) often predispose us to look through the lenses of our preferred thinking styles, while quadrants of lesser preference may be overlooked. In order to ensure you have a cognitively diverse approach, ask yourself these questions as you begin work on a project, problem, or major decision. This process will help ensure you are bringing in different perspectives, ensuring a more cognitively diverse approach.

Note: When working with a group or team, it is recommended that each individual first complete this process and then share their findings with others.