Resilience for Growth:
Decode It, Build It, Sustain It

A virtual, on-demand video providing details on creating a resilience and well-being strategy for individuals, teams, and organizations


What was covered in this webinar?

Today’s uncertain world puts consistent pressure and stress on managers and leaders requiring them to have and maintain resilience to go beyond surviving to thriving.
Resilience is not a trait that you either have or don't have. It includes thoughts, behaviors, and actions that can be learned and developed.
And it starts with a mindset.

Watch tis video to learn from our expert speakers how to understand and decode the resilience challenge and how resilience is learned and sustained.
  • Effective techniques to increase your resilience
  • How to use the way you think to your advantage when dealing with stress
  • Results of our research on the role resilience has played in how other organizations are navigating uncertainty
  • And more!


Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 6.49.50 PMHerrmann Chairwoman and Chief Thought Leader Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will be joined by a panel of expert guest speakers.
Each speaker brings years of experience as a leader in encouraging development of resilience and agility among professionals.
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Who should watch?

Any professionals who are interested in becoming more resilient as a way to better cope with uncertainty, adversity and stress.

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Resilience for Growth:
Decode It, Build It, Sustain It

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Everybody thinks differently. The biases you carry around with you have profound effects on the way you work, communicate, and collaborate.

In order to grow, we have to choose to see our biases for what they are, and open ourselves to the reality that our preferences aren’t the only way.

That’s the essence of Whole Brain® Thinking - giving you the perspective and the power to choose.