Whole Brain® Thinking Is Now Available On Microsoft Teams

Harnessing cognitive diversity in the flow of work


Whole Brain® Thinking in Microsoft Teams

From individual profiles to your team's collective profile, Stop & Think presents HBDI® results alongside tools to increase your effectiveness and improve your flow of work. No pulling reports or extra steps are needed, the power of your team's cognitive diversity and Whole Brain® Thinking is at your fingertips. 

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Stop & Think Key Features
Get to Know Teammates
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  • Easily access and explore the HBDI® profiles of your teammates - and your team as a whole. 
  • Discover how to improve your one-on-one communication skills with the help of the Getting Unstuck with Another Tool.
  • Utilize the Our Team and Our Team Under Pressure Tools to gain insights into team dynamics and enhance overall effectiveness.
Improve Your Team Meetings

Explore the Meetings That Work tools to find Whole Brain Solutions you can work into your meetings today. 

From planning a meeting to leading a debrief, our customizable tools and engaging activities will help you lead meetings that improve your flow of work.

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Diverse Thinking Where You Need It

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  • Pin "Stop & Think" on the Microsoft Teams sidebar, in a chat with your team members, or within a Teams calendar meeting. This way, you and your team can easily access and utilize the diverse thinking preferences available.
Install Stop & Think

Stop & Think is simple to install and easy to use. Click here for step-by-step instructions to install Stop & Think in Microsoft Teams.

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