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Our employee engagement and talent intelligence platform is backed by science and built for the enterprise.

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Platform Overview

Herrmann has been helping people at the world’s best-performing organizations bring their Whole Brains to work for more than 40 years with an evolving suite of assessment, employee engagement, and talent intelligence solutions. 

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Why Herrmann

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Build Your Team’s Intelligence

Apply what you learn about everyone’s thinking preferences to work more productively and inclusively at scale, whether in person, remote, or hybrid.

66% more productivity in teams

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Eliminate Blindspots

Reduce unproductive conflict and groupthink by empowering your executives, managers, and individual contributors to apply everyone’s thinking preferences, swiftly identify threats, and compete in a fast-changing environment.

$10M saved in M&A integration

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Harness Cognitive Diversity in the Flow of Work

Improve communication and accelerate knowledge transfer through easy-to-use integrations.

$100M annual savings through new processes

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Gain Visibility Into How Your Teams Think and Work Best

Access insights on decision-making styles across your organization while safeguarding this information with enterprise-ready security features.

58% reduction in employee turnover

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The Whole Brain® Thinking Methodology

The Whole Brain® Thinking framework serves as a powerful, science-backed operating system for decoding and harnessing the cognitive diversity of individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Herrmann Partner Network

Herrmann partners with a select group of consultants and technology providers that share our passion for bringing Whole Brain® Thinking into the flow of work.

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