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Why Hiring for Culture Fit No Longer Fits

LeaderShifts Live Series
Aug. 11, 2020 at 12pm EST

Monthly live, interactive conversations about shifting views in HR and leadership


Culture Fit to Culture Add


Join us as we host a series of live virtual events examining commonly held views and practices in HR that need review and change.  

For the first session, we discussed why a focus on culture fit doesn't support growth of the right kind of culture anymore.

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Meet the Speakers


Tiffany R. Frasier, Co-Founder, Change Strategist at Peopabilities, LLC

Tiffany is co-founder of Peopabilities, LLC, an Atlanta-based boutique people strategy and change management consultancy that partners with organizations to design people and culture strategies that enable companies to exceed their organizational goals.


kimberly-sullivan-herrmann-2Kimberly Sullivan, VP of People and Talent at Herrmann

Kimberly's primary focus is to create the best place to work for all our people and future talent. She is specifically interested in growing talent, teams, and culture in remote environments, which she has focused on in recent years. Herrmann is a 100% remote organization.  Kimberly is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Great teams make great companies

For 38 years, leading brands have relied on Herrmann to improve productivity and teamwork through increased alignment.

Herrmann's Core Idea

Everybody thinks differently. The biases you carry around with you have profound effects on the way you work, communicate, and collaborate.

In order to grow, we have to choose to see our biases for what they are, and open ourselves to the reality that our preferences aren’t the only way.

That’s the essence of Whole Brain® Thinking - giving you the perspective and the power to choose.